Hi, my name is Marco Dal Pino and I'm a Dev!

From 1993 I'm working as a consultant in IT.

In particular I've worked on LOB application development, created and administrated IT system and networks.

I've used in most of the existing programming language, starting from Pascal and Basic, passing from XBase, DBaseIII, Clipper, FoxPro and Delphi, arriving to VB3, VB4, VB6, C#, VB.NET.

I've worked in ASP, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC project.

I've experience on WPF and Silverlight.

In the last year I've aqured a lot of experience in Microsoft Embedded and Mobile app development like data inventory, data management, data retrieval etc.

In my project I usually use Sql Server and SQL CE.

I'm working on Windows Phone from it's appearence and in the last year on Windows 8 also.

FromOct 2013 I'm Microsoft MVP Client Development

From March 2013 I receive I'm a Nokia Developer Champion for Windows Phone.

From 2014 I've been nominated Intel Software Innovator.

I'm a Micrsoft Certified Technology Specialist on Windows Mobile 6.5 Development

My MVP Profile

My Intel Software Profile

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