Back from MWC Barcelona: and now?

During this week I attend the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, where most of the mobile ecosystem go to present its new products or strategies for the year.

I don’t try to realize a sort of reportage because everyone can find a good coverage for this event online.

My interest is to go deeper on what Microsoft present during its Monday morning keynote and in the following event where some detail about Windows 10 development was revealed.

Universal App Platform

In order to develop for WIndows 10 we’ll use a new Visual studio project template named Universal App Platform that take name and inspiration from the actual Universal App available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

The main difference in this new kind is that we don’t have 3 different projects  in the solution (one for the Windows 8 part, one for the WP and a shared project that own all the common part of the code behind, UI and resources.

The new UAP project has only one project that cover the app development for all the platform available for Win10, from the IoT devices to the big screen, xbox, HoloLens and comprising Windows phone, tablet etc.

We can surely affirm “one project to rule them all” (cit.) Winking smile



In the new project we can manage every different type of screen size, dimension and layout using some new features showcased only at the local event in Barcelona that essentially permit to realize Adaptive UX.

You can find an extensive description of what that event content was in this post from Matt Lacey.

The essence of all this announcements are:

  1. Start to convert your old app in universal in order to run it on Win10
  2. Subscribe the Insider Program to test Win10 on PC and phone
  3. Follow Build conference from April 29

The most important is the first: “Start to convert your application to Universal” in case you have developed Silverlight applications for Windows Phone it’s now the time to start to port it to universal so that you’ll be ready to publish it on day 1 in the new Win10 store.

Keep in mind that the new UAP type app will be deployed on all the platform in a single click! No need to have n different binary package for every device to address.

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