Global Azure Bootcamp Rome 2018

 Global Azure Bootcamp Rome 2018

After a long time I miss to post on the blog, today I want to restart write about what I'm interested and enjoyed to do: Community and share knowledge!

Last Saturday I was in Rome as a speaker in one of the 280 worldwide site of Global Azure Bootcamp Worldwide map of Location

 As usual for this type of Community-driven events, I was excited and thrilled at the same time. The venue was huge! Just inside the biggest train station in Rome (Stazione Termini), we shared the space offered by LuissEnlabs, one of the biggest Italian startup accelerator. The coordination was managed by Codemotion/Aperitech a community and company involved in developer event in Europe.

But the real organizers was 4 local communities I know very well: DomusDotNet, DotNetPodcast, DotNetCodeIT, DotNetAbruzzo that had worked very hard to organize this event. 

I know most of the speaker there, most of them are MVP or just friend coming from other communities around Italy. 

The spirit, the involvement and the climate that was breathing at the event were incredible. I've got back home very tired but with a great energy.

I love the #Community, I love sharing the knowledge and I hope to be back on stage at another event very soon.

Just a last note: the session I hosted in Rome was about How to Deploy Azure IoT Edge on a real board, but obviously I don't miss to talk about Azure Sphere that's just the news of last week.

My Slides are available here:

Below some images of my speech and the event.

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