Good news for the Windows Enterprise Mobile Devices

As you already know very well, in my experience and day by day work I’m also developing application for the Enterprise Mobile Devices.

In my (long) story I practically used every kind of device with a version of Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Windows CE etc. OS.

But the longest experience I’ve done is with a specific brand, that is also one of the biggest and more important on the market: Zebra (more often known as Symbol or Symbol Motorola, during the years it change name a couple of time).

In the last year many brands continued to use Windows Embedded Handheld 8 and 8.1  powered devices but till now Zebra don’t officially announce devices wit “our” OS.

Today I accidentally discovered that Zebra has now a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise device available: the TC70!

TC70WINThe device is on the market from some time with an Android distribution, but recently (October 2016) there’s also a new version powered by WIndows 10.

It’s the version of windows related to WIndows Phone/ Windows 10 Mobile in the version IoT Enterprise (specific SKU for this type of devices).

I’ve immediately asked my supplier to know the price of the device, but for now I don’t reach this information. I’ll update this post when more news will be available.

What to say next? It’s arrived!!!!!! Winking smile

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