Our rover at /Build 2016

This year (as every year) I went to Build conference in San Francisco.

The annual Conference of the developers of the Microsoft world where usually has presented the latest news and trends of the various technologies and products.

For me the real news for this year was the opportunity to present a project developed together with my community colleague Marco Minerva  at the IoT Team booth in the Expo area of the Conference.

The project in question is our rover that we developed to test the potential of Windows 10 IoT Core.

I got a chance to show the rover operating around the booth and to explain its structural and functional characteristics

Recently we've presented  to some conferences here in Italy, while in the coming weeks we will get to the Netherlands to show features in a session at IoT Tech Day.

I want to publicly thank the IoT team for opportunity given to me and in particular Ale Contenti for the help and support.

Below some pictures taken during the demo.


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