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  • And finally it’s here!

    After a (Very) long wait, today I receive the first REAL WIndows Embedded Handheld 8.1 device. It’s a Bluebird BM180 in the version Barcode Reader and MSR Reader but no 3G radio. Obviously it have WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC etc. I’m actually charging and configuring it. In the next days I’ll write a complete “test drive” using some of the enterprise app I’ve developed. For now I can only confirm: it exist!

  • Pay attention! If you install Nokia Recovery tool you’ll lost the project my video on WP8.1

    In these days I’ve participated at an event where I have to host some session about developing on WP8.1.

    Obviously I’m counting to use Project my video feature finally available for all the device WP8.1.

    In the week before I’ve tested it and work ok, unfortunately when I arrive to the venue and test if everything is ok for the sessions I see that the projection doesn’t work.

    After all the test of uninstall drive, remove the device from Device and printers, …


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